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Not Another Movie Pod

Feb 20, 2020

Time Stamps

:40 French Dispatch trailer

1:40 Joaquin Phoenix speech

10:15 Oscars talk

11:20 Parasite Best Picture

14:30 Streaming movies disrespected?

18:34 Best foreign film since Crouch Tiger Hidden Dragon?

26:00 Oscars VFX

30:34 Oscars animated short film

32:37 Jojo Rabbit winning adapted screenplay

33:44 Oscars...

Feb 10, 2020

:56 Fast 9 trailer

3:46 MCU Super Bowl teaser, Disney+ dates, Clone Wars S7

9:56 Witcher S2 / Sonic changes

11:48 Jojo Rabbit Review

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Feb 3, 2020

1:20 All the Disney remakes in development

6:17 Obi-Wan update

7:11 Kobe, Coronavirus

19:00 The Batman starts production, more Transformers films coming

21:27 Black Mask gay in Birds of Prey

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Jan 27, 2020

:43 Taika may make a Star Wars film + Jojo Rabbit

9:00 Colin Trevorrow's Episode 9 script leaked

15:53 Witcher S2 

39:50 1917 Reviews 

1:02:10 Oscar talk, RDJ's 'Dolittle' flops badly, more Jojo Rabbit

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Jan 21, 2020

00:42 The Rise of Skywalker follow up questions

11:50 What Star Wars project would we make if Kathleen Kennedy called us up

17:30 Jar Jar Binks may be back (with a beard)

22:35 Doctor Strange 2 director drops out


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