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Not Another Movie Pod

Oct 31, 2019

00:30 What went wrong with the 'The Long Night' prequel

4:50 'House of the Dragon' prequel moving forward 

8:41 Mandalorian trailer 

13:36 'Watchmen' E2 review *SPOILERS*

15:00 Hooded Justice Theory update

17:57 Chief Judd theories 

23:30 Main complaint of the show so far 

24:20 Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan theory...

Oct 27, 2019

@Zach_Williamson and @luke_goessens discuss the Watchmen pilot


00:45 Recap of the Watchmen graphic novel

5:49 Adrian Veidt theories: cloning, making a new Dr. Manhattan, manipulating the 7th Kavalry

13:50 masked police force 

15:00 Why Angela has white kids 

17:40 Police chief theories, old man could be Hooded...

Oct 25, 2019

00:40 'Rise of Skywalker' trailer

13:24 Jared Leto is done as Joker

17:22 Todd Phillips will never show 'Joker' deleted scenes, denies the clock theory

20:14 Amazon casts GoT star Joseph Mawle as villain 'Oren' in Lord of the Rings prequel series

25:31 Man watches Captain Marvel 140 times

28:52 Bob Iger defends Marvel...

Oct 24, 2019

@Zach_Williamson and @Luke_Goessens talk the new 'Dolittle' trailer and BTS drama, plus Netflix's 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' 


00:30 Dolittle trailer, director changes, massive $175M budget, ex-director may have a racist dog

8:00 El Camino, Fat Todd, Vince Gilligan cutting 30% of his original cut


Oct 17, 2019

1:10 Birds of Prey trailer, Ewan McGregor scandal

13:06 Sam Mendes' 1917 trailer

16:00 King's Man trailer

17:44 Stranger Things S4 confirmed

20:17 VR games

22:44 Matrix update

26:07 Watchmen only 1 season?

31:23 Martin Scorsese says MCU films 'are not cinema'

34:39 All-female MCU movie

38:17 RDJ took name out of Oscar...