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Not Another Movie Pod

Apr 21, 2020

Ross and Zach talk Dune, Westworld, and some other random stuff

:41 Dune, Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake, Monsterverse, Train to Busan sequel trailer

11: Sam Raimi confirmed as Doctor Strange 2 director 

14:35 Doctor Fate

18:00 Vinland Saga

19:00 Ross mini-review on Downhill + shitty Wesley Snipes B-movies 

Manscaped plug:...

Apr 9, 2020

Ross Luke and Zach return to talk Netflix's 'Tiger King' and more

4:20 MCU Update

16:00 Tiger King talk

22:10 The time a meth head drove through Ross' house

26:45 Tiger King casting

49:50 Joe's def a racist

51:15 Westworld

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