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Not Another Movie Pod

Apr 7, 2021

01:22 Opening thoughts
04:20 Sharon Carter
11.23 Madripoor Wolverine
15:15 Karli
16:52 Black Panther moving forward
20:35 Reviews

Apr 1, 2021

Ross, Luke, Zach talk FATWS E2

:24 Zilla vs Kong hype

1:45 TFAWS opening thoughts

16:35 Zemo

17:20 Isaiah Bradley

27:15 Power Broker

29:40 Reviews

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Mar 25, 2021

Ross, Luke, and Zach return to discuss FATWS E1

:40 Sam's money issues

3:10 Captain Scrub

10:30 What happened to Steve Rogers?

18:15 reviews


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Mar 11, 2021

Ross, Luke, and Zach talk the WandaVision finale, Ralph Bohner,  plus all the post-interviews from the director, showrunner, and actors. 


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Mar 3, 2021

Zach, Luke, and Ross talk WandaVision E8 and drop Finale predictions and theories. 

Time Stamps:

02:45 Ross’ theory on Wanda's mom
07:20 Settling bets
09:40 Paul Bettany is trolling
11:40 How are things going down from here?
15:20 Justice League detour
16:30 Convo between Vision and Wanda
19:40 Agatha's past and out...