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Not Another Movie Pod

Feb 24, 2021

Ross, Luke, and Zach, talk WandaVision E7

00:16 Agnes bet resolved

2:10 Initial thoughts

2:55 Quicksilver theories

7:00 Book stolen from Doctor Strange

13:00 Monica running through the wall

19:20 Will Vision survive?

29:00 Fan Qs

35:12 new cameo details from Paul Bettany

40:00 is Loki the director in disguise

41: Super...

Feb 16, 2021

Ross, Luke, and Zach talk WandaVision E6

:30 Agnes a witch? we make a bet

8:45 Are Wanda's memories real?

14:50 Shark Commercial theory

23:20 Who is Monica's engineer friend?

32:00 Fan Qs

35:10 Which Avenger will show up?

46:50 is the Beekeeper Pietro?

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Feb 10, 2021


2:40 Did Wanda make a deal to bring back vision?

5:20 Pietro theories

6:30 is Agnes controlling the town?

12:00 Wanda changed the recap for the viewers

16:00 Aerospace engineer

19:35 will Wanda and Vision fight?

25:40 Submitted fan theories

33:13 New Star Wars books talk about Jedi Sex

35:00 Yoda as Grogu's...

Feb 4, 2021

Zach, Ross, and Luke return to discuss WandaVision E4 and new theories

1:00 Cold Open with the blip

5:27 What Avengers could realistically show up

8:37 How will this lead into the X-Men? And Deadpool 3 update

15:00 Agnes wasn't identified by SWORD

16:54 best villain arc: Anakin, Daenerys, or Wanda

22:10 is Monica a...